Muffy's Panda Blog

Monday, October 17, 2005

None of these ass-holes have finished the book yet

We went to the book club meeting last night and I was the only who finished the Sound and the Fury. I am so pissed. I just wanted to talk about the book and we had to watch the stupid football game.

I like the Kato player, but that is all. Here is where everyone is in the book:

Muffy: done
Allef: lost his book
Diddy: page 2
Ricky Davis: can't read
Cookie: I do not know. I did not ask him
Ralfie: never even bought it
Bubbles: OH MY GOD. He won't frickin' stop looking at me.

The book was not very good anyway, and now I want to relax some more. I hope Kristen does not come hom tonight. I hate that bitch sometimes.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Allef did not go to school again

Oh. My. God. Allef is so frickin stupid. He did not go to school again and then he took Cookie out to eat a bunch of crap. They went to get burgers and did not bring any back. Me and Diddy are mad.

Bubbles will not stop looking at me. I am going to kill him. Kristen is such a bitch. I am going to go and relax for awhile. Maybe my friend Nick Ceege will call me on my celly later.